Devgiri Entrepreneurship Development Centre (DEDC) is an agriculture consulting firm providing innovative, sustainable and result driven solutions and services to agriculture, agribusiness, and food processing sector across the value chain. DEDC has expertise in developing growth strategies, sustainable agribusiness, operational efficiency and integration of stakeholders in value chains that helps create tailor-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the supply chain. Our Team Is dedicated to helping Farmers, Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, SMEs & Corporate Organizations, strategically to transform (setup) their dream Agri-Food Ventures in to reality.


To revitalize the Indian Agribusiness sector by introducing Technical and Management skills of the highest international standards.

“To facilitate services with complete transparency in communication and practice and meet client’s requirements and set standards! To provide strategic business consulting services to In Agri-Food industry for better business decisions, analysis, research & minimize risks across the value chain, sectors & business functions”
Key Differentiators

  • Experienced, Qualified Highly dedicated, caring, young and dynamic Food & Agribusiness team.
  • Agri-Food business value chain
  • Dedicated consultants, experts and field workforce.
  • Project Accuracy and low cost budgeting
  • More productivity & quality output

Our Role
If you are Farmer, Individual, Entrepreneur, Start-Ups, SMEs or a conglomerate wanting to be a part of Agri-Food Industry, we will help you in business process understanding, execution and implementation from “Field to Fork” to maximize returns on investment.
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Consulting & Advisory

  • Devgiri Entrepreneur Development Centre (DEDC) is Fastest Growing Food & Agribusiness Consulting Company
  • We Experts in all kinds of Agri-Food project consulting process through unique blend of technical and management expertise.
  • Our qualified & Expert consulting & advisory services includes, Strategic Business planning for new ideas, opportunities & Problems, Project Execution, Implementation, Market Analysis and Marketing Strategies across supply chain for proposed Agri-Food ventures.
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Training, Monitoring & Development

  • We at DEDC initiated Agri-Food business training & Development programme for Farmers, Individuals, Start-Ups, SME’s & Corporate Organizations to Transform Their Dream Agri-Food Business
  • Our process aims in Developing of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of entrepreneurs. It helps them to formulate strategies for their upcoming agribusinesses.
  • Our experts and technical team is delivering the practical sessions, well connected to farm visits & Deliver Ground Supports

Cinque TerreInnovative Farming

    Our “Producer to customer” approach is changing the face of Indian farming, Supports our clients to undergo Progressive farming & manufacturing practices for their produce. Agri-food market research, Selection supply & installation of plant & machinery, Advanced In-farm operations management, Market intelligence Product Development, Target Market, Positioning & Segmentation are the key drivers of our module “ Innovative Farming ” in the business process.

Systematic Client Engagement Process

We understand that every client, market and need is different. We follow a defined client engagement in four step to Fulfill the different needs of our clients.

Step- 1
  • Approach & Decide To Meet.
  • Need Analysis , decided project
  • Define statement of work
  • Agree methodology
  • Propose the right solution
  • Conduct the appropriate research
  • Interim deliverables
  • Project changes
  • Apply tools and techniques
  • Present structure in the right format
  • Preparation of final action plan
  • Project Execution
  • Ensure value for the project
  • Review assignment
  • Collect feedback
  • Project Assignment completed
  • continue the support & Coaching